воскресенье, 6 ноября 2011 г.

Anticapitalism 2011 at Siberia!

In 26th october at Tomsk to passed action "Anticapitalism 2011" organized by the Siberian anarchists and socialists. The organizers were the social movements and organizations, such as "Socialists Tomsk," anarcho-syndicalist trade union of "Siberian Confederation of Labour" and others. Also, that's political action was joined members from Autonomous Action - Barnaul. Permanent deterioration of living and working conditions and higher prices for essential items and traveling in public transport is this a consequence of the capitalist system and policies party by United Russia at present.

Gathered communists, anarchists, and just concerned people decided to protest against that system under which in the hands of a minority concentrated enormous wealth and welfare, while others are forced to live from hand to mouth, often starving and depriving yourself of essential things for life. Participants and organizers believe that this system can not be reformed as capitalists as and exploiters never voluntarily will not give up that was stolen from people and only a social revolution can be make workers to freedom and and give them decent living conditions.

At column was counted according to various sources from 40 to 70 persons. Activists marched with flags, banners and chants along at main street of city, that were attracting of passers-bright trappings and revolutionary charges . Many were interested in going on and some even joined the march.

Not without its clashes with the local Nazis (Boneheads). The 8 persons were attacked on several activists were which returning home, but nazis to got a resistance by anarchists, and nazis hastened to run away in the next yard. In seriously nobody was hurt.

Link: http://anarhobarnaul.org/antikapitalizm-2011-vyezd-v-tomsk/

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