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Antifa in Russian Federation in defense of the Khimki forest

In Russia, the social war resumes ...

After a successful surprise attack against the administration of the Khimki Region (Russia), influential activist movement in Moscow antifa list are made as international terrorists and are now fugitives.

The forest of Khimki, near Moscow, has recently threatened to cut total white because a highway project between Moscow and St. Petersburg, which participate in the tradition of collusion State / corporation, or good government / corporation organized crime-French Vinci. For months, antifa activists, leftists and anarchists of the Moscow Region have joined in a struggle on several different fronts to save this natural area and to prevent the machine destructive and despotic state corpo-Fascist for whom the fight against a wildfire is only a cover for cuts to white with impunity. This effectively organized riot, which took shape in just seconds, shows that the radical left and anti-static is alive, powerful, and even the Russian gouverment certainly one of the most repressive state apparatuses in the world with its hordes of cops and mafia collaborators ("Citizens") Fascist, is not immune to the power of the popular insurgency.

As usual, the state is the "heads" of the movement, blames, then the torture in prison or chased for their actions legitimate. In Europe and Canada, they-they need your support.

23 July 2010, the camp-es defender of the forest of Khimki (Moscow region). Around 5:00 am, the camp was surrounded by a detachment of 40 men, like football hooligans with white masks, which said they were ready to "kill and clean". The cutting of the forest is allowed by the protection of these mercenaries, using tactics and attributes specific to football hooligans - and sportswear special bandages on hands. It is known that the vast majority of Russian hooligans are supporters of neo-fascist ideologies. These young people took part in the conflict not only for reasons of hatred, but also commercial. This way of earning money fails to meet them. It is significant that this incident is the third anniversary of the assassination of the anarchist and environmentalist Ilya Borodaenko a protest camp near Angarsk July 21, 2007. Activists from the radical right among these hooligans worked in the effect by the authorities, but apparently free as the motivations and ideologies of the participants of the camp for them was their enemy-es, anti fascists. They were confident of "political correctitude" of their actions - the participants to defend the forest from being fascist, leftist activists and liberals. The defender-forest are immediately called the police. The activists knew that if the cops let them alone-are with hooligans, their lives would be endangered. Then they blocked the exit and they before reinforcements arrive. Despite the police presence and the absence of permits, the logging continued. Then the defender es "threw their bodies on the machines and were able to block them. However, some people were seriously wounded and maimed: the Fascists, accompanied by security guards, rushed to beat them. Two women stood on a excavatrice.Les officers brutally forced them out of machines, then they shouted that they do not cut off their forest. A woman has been seriously injured an arm, an e-one was injured in the neck-e, and the rest have had less serious injuries - scrapes and bruises.

According to an ecologist at the scene, the police arrived after a long stalemate confrontation - to make a separation between the group es defender of the forest (about 15) and unknown hooligans with masks White arrived on the scene for a fight. The police became a reinforcement for the bandits. Currently, the camp-es defender of the forest has been destroyed Khimki. Them and them, the defender of the forest-es, es have been beaten and taken to es-terrorism unit of Khimki. The felling of the forest resumed. The plan is to cut as much timber as possible while the defender of the forest-es-es are kept by the police. It is clear that urgent action for the replacement of activists who were arrested es and stop logging. Apparently in Russia, such a situation (the use of the radical right by commercial entities and state forces to suppress popular demonstrations) is not uncommon. Angarsk remembered that on the night of 20 to 21 July 2007, the camp environmentalist who protested against the production health hazard has been attacked by neo-Nazis with the use of knives. As a result of his injuries died young anarchist and environmentalist, Ilya Borodaenko.

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