четверг, 7 мая 2009 г.

The Press release by from Irkutsk comrades

On 1st May, 2009 Irkutsk anarho-communists, anarchists, libertarian socialists, radical ecologists and anti-fascists have taken part in meeting about a palace of sports Work. Then have taken part in traditional demonstration, having generated the block. Nearby 13-20 people when the column of demonstrators going on Lenin's street by a building of aviation technical school, anti-fascists and anarchists have started to scan slogans “Freedom to Alexey Olesinovu!”, ”Antifascism not a crime”, in a column have been lighted Flash Fire.
The police officer going nearby has shouted in a portable radio set: “Begin operation“ Representation ”!”

After it demonstrators were suddenly surrounded with police officers and special purpose group. It without having presented and without having specified the detention reason, they began to beat people rubber bludgeons. In a column surrounded with banners the crush has begun. Beat even girls and the pensioners participating in demonstration. Defenseless demonstrators sufficed, broke hands and dragged on asphalt to special vehicles. In total 20 persons have been detained. Arrested persons delivered in the Kirov Police regional site where representatives of department on struggle against extremism began to interrogate them. In Police site upon arrested persons put physical and psychological pressure. Police officers scoffed at arrested persons and declared that it to spit on Office of Public Prosecutor and that it anything for it will not be. Reports wrote and copied, changing and juggling with in them the facts within 9 hours. At first incriminated obscene abuse in a public place. Arrested persons have refused to sign reports in which the unreliable information has been specified. At all arrested persons, despite that they had with themselves passports, have finger-printed and have spent photo-video shooting. Removing on the chamber, the police officer asked everyone, whether it ranks itself (himself) as movement of anti-fascists and did marks in a notebook.

In 8 hours after detention of 4 persons have sent in the special receiver-distributor on two days to court. On a question why have chosen these 4 persons, police officers have answered that have chosen at random.
To Monday court have transferred on Wednesday as the judge has not been acquainted in advance with case.
On Tuesday of four arrested persons were in court for acquaintance with the case materials.
Other reports appeared in case and another story altogether already absolutely. Under the version of police officers, in a column scanned antigovernment and antimilitian slogans, suddenly demonstrators dressed in all black and with black hoods in the face of a steel to set fire and throw smoke candles in passers-by.

On numerous requests to stop demonstrators answered with obscene abuse to police officers, during detention have shown furious resistance. Special means to demonstrator’s police officers did not apply. And one of militiamen in general has written the sentimental story how to it that has fallen to a head that hot and has begun to flow on the person - it has gone blind also all the rest remembers hardly. All it is the bald lie and falsification is can confirm a large quantity of witnesses which were nearby. In precisely the same way have been used against anti-fascist Alexey Olesinova’s. The purpose of police officers is rendering of pressure upon members of antifascist movement which very now grows in Russia.
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