понедельник, 10 мая 2010 г.

May day - 2010 in Krasnoyarsk

On International Workers' Day the Krasnoyarsk anarchist group participants, Krasnoyarsk punk revival, anarchists from Novosibirsk, and sympathizing activists arranged an unauthorized demonstration in one of the industrial districts of Krasnoyarsk.

This year we have decided not to participate in authorized demonstration of reds and browns and arranged our own anarchist unauthorized action. More than 15 people appeared who went under black, black-and-green and black-and-red flags carrying banners with sayings like “Workers – unite!”, “Rights are not given, rights are taken”. On their way the anarchists shouted slogans: “Higher, higher goes black flag, the government is the main enemy”, “Freedom, equality, anarcho-communism”, “Freedom to peoples – death to empires!”, “Get out – take back the city!”, “No power! No government!”, “Self-organization is our aim, revolution’s our means”. Passers-by watched the anarchists with interest and read the flyers: “Workers have nothing to celebrate yet!” and the cars passing by horned cheering the demonstrators.

Workers in Krasnoyarsk very often face the arbitrary rule of authorities and employers and their position deteriorated with crisis. The salary in some factories isn’t paid for months people are made idle or redundant and work days are shortened, fines are increased. People react in different ways: some write letters to public prosecutor’s office or labour inspection, some apply to court and some conscientious workers block the entrances, organize or threaten with strikes. And mostly they are the ones who have their demands satisfied and those who choose legal protest are repressed by the employer and his mercenaries.
All the workers must realize that until there is no capitalism, they will be working under heavy conditions for a few pennies and their employer will make fortune. This is why we call to creating revolutionary organizations of workers where all decisions will be taken and controlled by common assembly with no hierarchy or leadership. Only we can stand for our interest, defeat capitalism and create society without class, government and exploitation.

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