среда, 20 апреля 2011 г.

Launched a project ABC-Irkutsk

Presentation of the new organization took place at a concert to support of Barnaul anarchists, which was held on 16th April. Group of ABC-Irkutsk acted as the organizer of the show, and some of us have been involved to the music program. Seven bands and projects from Irkutsk and Angarsk are presented a wide palette of musical styles from dub to noise. The concert attracted more than 60 people many of whom first became acquainted with Irkutsk of underground scene. In between performances by organizers and musicians are have been told about the initiative ABC and situations problem a our comrades in Barnaul and shared their experiences and encouraged to actively participate in what's happening around, and certainly not remain indifferent to the fate of repression of anarchists and anti-fascists.

According to one of the project participants ABC-Irkutsk: "None of those of who in word and deed to uphold the principles of liberty and equality, and was are subjected to prosecution for it should not feel of forgotten or isolated. Their captivity are part of our overall lack of freedom within the state and the capitalist reality and its destruction is only possible if we can make the solidarity principle of our everyday lives."

Besides the musicians in a concert to attended an artist of antifascist. His works speak for themselves of better than any words. We hanged pictures on the windows of the hall, and many such innovation seemed to start a good tradition.

Box of benevolence is stood at the entrance, gradually filled of almost to proportion just as distributed leaflets to narrate about the activities and principles ABC.

Despite some minor incidents (accidentally broken mirror and suddenly to triggered fire alarms). We were satisfied to the cultural event. The money will be are transferred to our mates from Barnaul.

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