четверг, 3 июня 2010 г.

Another antifa murdered by neo-nazis

On May, 23rd, in Ryazan, Nazis committed a murder. A victim was our friend, Kostja Lunkin. He was a free artist, a social activist, a graffiti writer, an antifascist and a good person and a friend. The attack was at 3 o'clock in the morning, in his birthday. He was 25 years of age.

The group of the young men adhering to the right sights waited Kostja at his front door. During an attack Kostja tried to defend, but they were more. After he has tumbled down, they became to beat Kostja, throwing stones at his head. As a result he fainted. Having seen that Kostja again recovers consciousness, nazis continued to beat it. The girl of one of attackers called for ambulance. At the same night Kostja has been delivered in resuscitation in a difficult state. He was in coma. After an operation on hematoma removal of the brain, Kostja's state became stable... Stable, but difficult. After several operations Kostja was still in coma.

On May, 31st, at 16.10, without regaining consciousness, Kostja died.

After an attack Kostja's relatives and his friends could find attackers - two young men adhering fascist sights, graduates of a school. After that the police have detained them. The eyewitnesses also identified the attackers. But the parents of the nazis have made them an alibi (as they said both of the nazi were at home at that time). That's why the police have released them, without taking any further investigative actions. One of the nazis has relations with the high-ranking employee of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs.
At present law-enforcement agencies try to hush up the inhuman act of the nazis. Now the police do not have suspects, and the true Kostja's murderers run free!

All of us grieve deeply of the loss of our friend and we hope that guilty people won't remain unpunished.

Number Yandex money: 41001601710911

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