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The bourgeois character of the Bolshevik Party and Marxism

The bourgeois parties, their structure reproduce the capitalist class society, i.e on one side are professional politicians (top of the Party), on other partly basis (ordinary members) consisting of employees. At the time when the labor movement took over the party form of political struggle, it took over as the political form of class rule and has played this social form, i.e therefore support of the bourgeois class society.

"The Communists" as Lenin were these theologians party of religion, for them the party was all but independent of the working masses only a means to theirs party dictatorship.Bourgeois democracy can be called dictatorship of the few parties, and the Stalinist party dictatorship, the dictatorship of one party. There's no difference, one party, both in state capitalism, or the set of parties, as in a democracy, control and organize the working class to use. Thus the history of Leninism showed that the Party is a bourgeois form of organization that seeks to seize power (but not destroy it!) And can not be the organizational form leads to the liberation of the proletariat.

From of this working class is created and will create for himself in the very class against its revolutionary form of organization. Some may think that we did against the organization. No we are not opposed to the organization, we are opposed to the bourgeois forms of organizations and emphasize that the revolutionary organizations can only arise in the revolutionary class struggle and revolutionary (crisis) point. Also, we do not reject the social organization of the revolutionary minority today, that we reject because it positions within the labor movement by the professional politicians, which are the social basis of the party of Marxism.

In this case we do not require the party of "communism" to fight for the cause of the revolution, which he objectively and can not, because social revolution can not be a product of the party. So far in the history of Marxism, the party attempt to be a revolutionary party turned, with a maximum in the bureaucratic coup.

But what can people with a revolutionary consciousness is already possible to do tomorrow's social revolution? They can be armed with the historical materialism to join the working groups and develop criticism of all that exists, i.e already in non-revolutionary times to engage in revolutionary activities. Revolution group must, during the social revolution dissolved within organs of proletarian self-organization, to be as spontaneous and deliberately created to fight the working class itself.

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