понедельник, 13 февраля 2012 г.

New split bands - Cheburashka, P.E.R.E.F.E.R.I.Y.A, Antiсap

Today at Anti-fascist Youth's Day (February 8) was recorded split three bands Cheburashka (Bratsk), Antiсap (Irkutsk) from Siberia and P.E.R.E.F.E.R.I.Y.A (Kirov) from European part of Russia.

This is split consists of 16 songs each bands wrote their own songs as well as covers of other members. Record songs by the bands was made their own​​. Also at split you can find pictures are bands of biography and lyrics as well as video for the song the Work.

If you want to buy the CD then write here:

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