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Days of Solidarity with Belarusian anarchist in Siberia

In the period 10-13 December in Siberian cities were the days of solidarity with the arrested Belorussian anarchists. Here are the results of actions:

December 10 at 6:00 pm local time on the main street of the city of Omsk, a group of young people and anarchists, Third party marched and bore banner and handing out leaflets with solidarity to Belarusian political prisoners: Maxim Vetkins, Nicholas Dedkov, Alexander Frantskevich, Igor Olinevichem. On the banner contained the following inscription: LIBERTY TO THE CAPTIVES FASCIST REGIME and LUKASHENKO TO LET GO THE GUYS.

Activists chanted: "Belarus - concentration camp, Lukashenko is the new Hitler! “Today they are, tomorrow you will," "Come on, let go of the guys," "Free political prisoners!" Set fire to flares and smoke pots, also distributed about 200 flyers.

The day before rally was to contacted with the independent journalists, which turn to took pictures of the motion and took a brief interview with the two activists. They are amazed that everything is based on self-organization and the absence of any leadership ... The action was attended by about twenty people, which is very unfortunate, because in the past it was possible to assemble and to seventy..

In Irkutsk were made graffiti to underpasses of the city. And also at the center of Irkutsk anarchists from the initiative Food Not Bombs held a action in solidarity with anarchist prisoners in Belarus.

Participants of the initiative have fed a dozen homeless people free hot vegetarian soup. Near the site of action anarchists placed the banner: "Freedom of Belarusian activists!" and handed out leaflets about a hundred passers-by and the homeless. Despite the bitter cold enough passersby eagerly took flyers.


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